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Richardson Elementary Flag Raising Ceremony

Posted Date: 11/15/2022

Richardson Elementary Flag Raising Ceremony

As part of the DISD Veteran's Day program held on November 11, 2022, a flag raising ceremony was performed at Richardson Elementary.  The flag was sent to DISD from Kathy Johnstone, who is a niece to Greer Estes and Helen Richardson.  It was presented to Greer’s parents after he was killed in action in WWII. Greer Estes and Helen Richardson were brother and sister. Richardson Elementary is named for Helen who was an early day Castro County teacher and principal. The following article was written in 1997 and comes from the Castro County Museum.

Honoring Greer H. Estes

Greer was born June 29, 1913 in Dimmitt and lived most of his life in Castro County. He graduated from Dimmitt High School in 1930 and attended West Texas State College and entered Texas University to study Law. He was admitted to the bar in 1939, opened his office for practice when he answered the call of his country in 1941. He received his basic training at Camp Bowie, TX, and soon after Pearl Harbor was recommended for officer training and received his commission as a Second Lieutenant in May, 1942. He was promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant November 9, 1941 and again promoted and received his commission of Captain on July 4, 1943. During the whole of his service as an officer in the Army of his country he commanded the Headquarters Company of 313th Infantry of the 79th Division, U.S. Army. It was composed of American boys from the states of Vermont and New Hampshire and other Eastern and Central states. He was killed in action during the Normandy Invasion near Montgarden, France, July 8, 1944. His parents were Percy and Lena (Greer) Estes, sister Helen Estes Richardson, and brother Robert (Bob) Estes. Survivors were Bob Estes of Plano, TX and three nieces. The American Legion Post of Dimmitt was named for him.

Link to video Richardson Elementary Flag Raising Ceremony